Mission of the Cathedral of Our Lady


The Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp is the diocesan church of the Diocese of Antwerp. It is at the service of the diocesan church community and is also home to the local community of the Parish of Our Lady.
As such, the cathedral wishes to play a pioneering role in terms of liturgy, proclamation and charity.


The cathedral is a sacred space, in a historical and cultural setting. It wants to promote people’s education, personal development and spiritual growth, by enabling them to engage with its cultural treasures in a qualitative manner.


Starting from its Christian identity, the cathedral wishes to engage in a dialogue, welcoming everyone, regardless of their origin or beliefs. It wants to be a place for encounters, a place where you can show your commitment but also be anonymous. Here we respect everyone’s philosophical convictions, inviting people to engage in a philosophical exchange. Where possible, we also aim to contribute to general well-being, paying special attention to people in need.