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What should you read if you take an analytical approach to finding faith?


We explore a diverse range of interesting books.

From the Bible to history. From art to secularisation.


The presentation is not designed to give you a full overview of the book’s contents. Instead our speakers want to inspire you to read it yourself.




every second Sunday of the month - 3.30 pm - 5 pm.

Chaplains’ sacristy





Art + Religion in the 21st century

by Aaron Rosen, talk by Ronald Sledsens


A well-read priest discusses the relationship between religion and contemporary art


9 February 2020




In vrijheid en uit liefde

by Enzo Bianchi, talk by Cristina Albani


An Italian linguist talks about this influential Italian monk


8 March 2020




Onbeminde gelovigen

by Guido Vanheeswijck, talk by Guido Vanheeswijck


A committed philosopher reflects on why we continue to believe in God


10 May 2020




Als God renoveert

by James Mallon, talk by Christian Devos and Bart Paepen


Does this book describe the cathedral’s future?


14 June 2020