Word of welcome
Not only is our cathedral the largest Gothic church in the Low Countries, it also tells a story of glory and prosperity – and even more so one of sorrow and disaster. This is the story of people who built dreams, people who expressed their allegiance to God and their fellow men. For over a thousand years, Mary has been the patroness of this Cathedral and of the city of Antwerp; each year thousands of people come and express their love and sorrow to Mary. This church is much more than just a museum filled with valuable treasures, it is still an active place of worship.

Time and again, we feel the need to have this story being told. However, we cannot do this alone. The Province of Antwerp and the Flemish Region both donate substantial amounts of money for the restoration of the Cathedral. Yet, daily maintenance of the Cathedral alone costs 1.5 million Euros each year: this makes your entry fee indispensable. We would like to continue welcoming our average of 320,000 visitors each year under the best conditions possible and let them enjoy the beauty of this building – this is a place where light and stones all tell a story.

Father Louis Van Lommel

Exhibition „REUNION. From Quinten Metsijs to Peter Paul Rubens. Masterpieces from the Royal Museum reunited in the Cathedral“ will be extended until the completion of the renovation of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA).

Easter at the Cathedral: the Antwerp Cathedral Concert Association will hold its second annual concert series in the course of the coming Holy Week. It is being organized in cooperation with the Cathedral Choir Foundation “Chorael Huys” and the management staff of Antwerp Cathedral. This top class musical event holds great promise in that it will relate to some very touching aspects of the liturgy pertaining to Holy Week.